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Most homeowners choose professional moving services to make the big move more manageable. You can take most of the stress and challenge out of relocation by allowing the professionals to handle the details and the grind while you focus on the significant issues. So, if this is an obvious choice for most homeowners, why do so many condominium owners and apartment renters opt to take on this challenge alone?

Here at Chicago Movers, most people avoid the professionals for apartment & condo moves because they expect exorbitant prices. Moving seems expensive. It’s a real shame that more of these people don’t challenge their assumptions because the truth about apartment & condo moves is quite different from what they expect.

In fact, most companies specializing in apartment & condo moves have flexible rates and customizable services that their clients can configure to maximize savings. In addition to the move itself, these cost-effective services include short-term and long-term storage, packing, including materials, and unpacking, including disposal.

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In most cases, these companies can accomplish apartment & condo moves in a single day, and the fuel- and time-savings alone can offset the cost of all these services combined. Of course, the trick now is finding the right company, and if you’ve ever flipped through the Chicago Yellow Pages, you know how much of a challenge that can be. Who has the time needed to assess all of these choices?

This is where Chicago Movers can help. Sure, you probably found our site because of our many fantastic resources. We have all manner of comprehensive guides, some, especially for apartment & condo moves, that help you prepare, move, pack, store, and unpack. But here at Chicago Movers, we’re much more than the ultimate mover’s reference; we’re the leading network of apartment & condo moves in the Chicago area.

So, how does the network operate? Well, it’s not just a database of area services. We’ve built this network from the ground up by assessing all of the area services that facilitate apartment & condo moves, and then we selected the ones that met our specific standards. Perhaps more importantly, we do not allow our partners to rest on past performance because we reassess them each month, and we’re quick to remove a business from our network if they’re no longer living up to the Chicago Movers name.

So, what are these standards? For starters, we want Chicago-area businesses specializing in apartment & condo moves. We also want companies that involve themselves in the community, and we never deal with companies that lack a local presence. Other criteria include reliability, reputation, commitment to customer service, and a pledge to provide our clients with rates below the norm. You can access incredible discounts well below local prices through the Chicago Movers network.

At this point, what makes us at Chicago Movers qualified to develop and maintain such a network? Well, we’re not new to this industry at all. Our employers have years of experience providing apartment & condo moves to Chicago residents. The expertise developed during that time allows them to identify what works and what doesn’t, and now they’re putting that knowledge to use to save you time and money.

What else can we say? How about this: Our services are 100% free and can be used without commitment. All you have to do is fill out a single form that consolidates all the information these businesses need to provide you with a precise quote. So please take a minute to fill it out, hit the submit button, and then sit back and wait a second or two. That’s all it will take before we respond with a comprehensive list of appropriate services and quotes.

Remember, you can have complete faith in every company and quote we post on that list. We have provided each of our partners with a comprehensive assessment and updated that grade within the last 30 days. This guarantee means that the company is dependable, has an excellent reputation, and has appropriate insurance and licensing as Illinois law dictates. We also guarantee that our partners will stand by their quotes for up to 30 days, so there’s no need to rush.

We suggest you take our bids to some of the other area companies specializing in apartment & condo moves and ask them to match our quotes. We guarantee they won’t. When you’re confident, return to us, and we’ll start this process. We commit to our clients and promise to be at your side throughout this process.

We are excited to serve you.

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