Tips for Saving Money on a Chicago Move

Saving Money on a Chicago Move

Let’s face it, moves are always expensive.  When most people start planning a move, one of their first steps is to start looking into way to save money.  As long as you’re not cutting corners, this is a fine strategy.  So, let’s talk about saving money on a Chicago move today…

  1. Tax-deductible moving expenses – Believe it or not, a lot of your moving expenses may be tax-deductible.  That means you should be saving receipts for every possible moving expense, just in case.  Afterwards, check out the IRS website for a comprehensive list of deductible-eligible moving expenses.
  2. Saving money on utilities during a move – Don’t forget to setup discontinuation dates for all your utilities and other services (phone, internet, etc.).  You don’t want to end up getting charged for these things when you don’t even live in the house anymore.
  3. Use the right Chicago area movers – The easiest route for saving money on a Chicago move is trimming the cost of your movers.  No, we’re not talking about going with that bargain basement moving quote you got last week (unless you enjoy shoddy service and hidden fees).

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