Piano Moves

Piano moves are challenging undertakings that require far more equipment, knowhow, and manpower than most piano owners have at their disposal. So at least once in their lives, piano owners will have to hire a service that specializes in piano moves. The good news is that piano moves are far less expensive than you might expect because the business is extremely competitive in the Chicago metropolitan area.

One of the great things about living in an area like Chicago is that you have so many choices, but there is sometimes a downside to all of that choice. Because piano moves can be so lucrative for the movers, a number of companies exist just to turn a quick buck. They typically lack the expertise to perform proper piano moves and they lack the commitment to customer service that you rightfully demand.

Here at Chicago Movers we recognized a need in the Chicago area for consumers to be able to balance affordability with reliability when it came to piano moves and piano storage. As the leading relocation network in Chicago, we also knew that we were in a unique position to fill that niche in the market. So that’s when we set out to expand our network to include Chicago companies specializing in piano moves and piano storage.

First, we set out to bring real area experts into the fold. We knew that if we were going to become as respected as piano movers as we are for relocation services, we would need employees specialized in piano moves. So we went out, and we got them. These people bring years of experience in piano moves both in the city and in the suburbs. They know what it takes to provide quality service, and now they’re using that knowledge for both our commercial and residential clients.

Next, we began building our network one partner at a time by putting them through an extensive evaluation. The most important element of our process is that it doesn’t end with the invitation. We reevaluate our partners providing piano moves and piano storage every 30 days. And if a service fails to live up to the standard we’ve set forth, we remove them from the Chicago Movers network immediately.

Our criteria are simple. Chicago Movers seeks partners that specialize in piano moves, but more importantly, has a local presence and an actual stake in the neighborhood. In addition to being established, we want businesses that have maintained positive reputations, especially with the Better Business Bureau in Chicago. They must also display a commitment to customer service, a willingness to provide references, and offer rates to our clients below the Chicago average.

In addition to assessing them as a service-providing business, we also grade them based on techniques and performance during the piano moves themselves. It’s vital that our partners have extremely low bump, drop, and scratch rates, and that when accidents do happen, they rectify the situation in a manner that is fast and convenient for our clientele. Also, we ensure that our partners are well versed in cold-weather piano moves, which is crucial in the Chicago area, and a leading cause of piano damage.

It’s important that you understand how Chicago Movers works. Our success does not rely on selling you any specific product or service. Our services are 100% free for our clients to use without any commitment whatsoever. In addition, we avoid all business relationships that would compromise our ability to provide you with a service that you can trust and rely on without fail.

Accessing our system is not only free; it’s simple. All you have to do is fill out one short form. That form includes all of the information that our partners might need to provide you with a precise quote that they can stand by. Take a moment to fill out that form, and then hit submit. That’s it. Within moments, we’ll return a list of Chicago services specializing in piano moves along with their quotes. We’ll also keep your form on file, and if you ever need a new quote list, just come back, and hit submit again.

Remember our guarantees. Chicago Movers has put each company on the list through a thorough assessment and we’ve updated that evaluation in the last 30 days. We also guarantee that our partners have all licenses as required by law and that they have insurance beyond what the law requires. Our partners are also willing to stand by their quote for the next 30 days.

Take your time. You might even want to shop those quotes around to some of the Chicago services not in our network. You’ll see that not only do we stand by our partners as reputable businesses, that we get you the best possible prices. Once you’re convinced, come back, and we’ll work hard to give you the best, most affordable piano moving experience possible.

I received several affordable quotes in minutes, the movers were very helpful and accommodating

Tim - Chicago, IL

Chicago Movers were professional, friendly and handled my belongings with great care, thank you!

Cynthia - Oakbrook, IL

It turned out hiring a mover wasn't much more expensive than renting a truck and doing it myself

Marcus - Evanston, IL