Get on the Fast Track to Great Bellwood, IL Movers

One of the major attractions of Bellwood as a suburb of Chicago is the Metra train line that quickly connects residents to downtown.  Regardless of how much you’re looking forward to Bellwood, though, you may be dreading interacting with movers, especially if you’ve used bad ones in the past.  Luckily, with a little help from, you’ll be on the fast track to finding the great Bellwood, IL movers that best suit your move…

Finding Great Chicago Area Movers

Perhaps the most frustrating part of dealing with moving companies is having to sort through the bad apples to find a few good ones to actually consider.  Sure, you’ve got price quotes from all of them, but how can you tell the great Bellwood, IL movers from the rest?  Far too many people have been burned by bargain basement movers to base your decision simply on price.

Reputable Illinois Movers

If only there was someone who did all the sorting for you, then made it really easy to just plug in some basic information so you could start receiving free quotes from only the great Bellwood, IL movers.  If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve found it with  One quick form is all it takes to be connected with the best movers the Chicago area has to offer.  Professional moving staff, clean and insured moving vehicles, and a great reputation.  Sounds like you’re on the right track for a great move to the 60104.

Reliable movers in the Chicago area are all yours at!

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Moving Tips for Relocating to Bedford Park, IL

Like any other big city suburb, relocating to Bedford Park, IL comes with unique challenges.  Some of the standard moving tips can easily be applied to a move here, but others are particular to this area or city.  The important first step, which you’ve already taken, is to spend the time finding great moving tips to make your move easier and smoother.

  • Pre-Planning For a Move: The mistake that most people make when it comes to a move is waiting way too late to start planning and acting on their move.  Relocating to Bedford Park, IL (or anywhere else for that matter) is significantly easier if you make the time to do some simple planning beforehand.  Sit down and figure out your exact moving needs before you contact movers.  And take the time to pack some boxes very early with things you know you won’t need before your move.
  • Moves Affected by Weather and Traffic: These might be two of the strongest considerations to take when relocating to Bedford Park, IL or anywhere else in the Chicago area.  Winter can be a real bear in Chicago, though probably not compared to the traffic at some times of day.  Try to plan your move for certain times of the year and times of the day to avoid these two potentially colossal headaches.  A move to the 60455 or the 60638 is usually stressful enough without piling on more.

For more great moving tips, visit our handy guide by clicking here.  And when you’re ready to find a great mover, start your search at  We can set you up with moving quotes from the very best area movers…for free!

Free moving quotes from Chicago area moving companies, only at!

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Chicago Moving Tips are now on Twitter!

If you’re a regular reader of our moving tips found here, you probably think it simply couldn’t get any better (thank you for saying so, that’s nice of you).  But, as luck would have it, now has a Twitter feed to supply you with Chicago moving tips even quicker than you’re used to.  Keep a finger on the pulse with instant update on things like…

  • The Best Chicago Area Movers – Just like our site, the best movers in the Chicago area are constantly improving.  When there’s a special little extra out there provided by these movers, we’ll let you know.
  • Chicago Moves on a Budget – The most popular Chicago moving tips that people search for deal with moving on a budget.  We love saving people money on a great move, so we dump as many of those tips as possible into our Twitter feed.
  • Local Events in Chicago – If you’re moving to the Chicago area, you probably would appreciate knowing what’s going on in the area.  Some of the best Chicago moving tips are those that convince people it’s a great place to live.  We’ll hook you up with the info on the best events.

Check out our new Twitter feed by clicking here.  When you’re ready to make the move to Chicago, the great movers we keep in touch with will be waiting to provide you fantastic service at a more than reasonable price.

The best Chicago moving information is all yours, right here at!

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Movers in Bartlett, IL are on the Right Track

Bartlett, Illinois is well known for the railroad influence in the surrounding area.  Their founder was involved with the railroad and they still maintain their original railway station from 1873.  Those who’ve used great movers in Bartlett, IL know that they are on the right track with the level of service they provide to their customers.  Doesn’t sound like your movers?  Read on…

Great Chicago Area Movers

So what do great movers in Bartlett, IL even look like?  Among the most common signs are things like professional, uniformed moving staff.  Other good signs include clean, insured moving vehicles and a wide array of moving services to accommodate any move and allow you to customize your experience.  These types of movers are clearly in the industry for the long haul and ready to serve you whatever your moving needs.

Finding the Right Moving Company

Ok, so you know what great movers in Bartlett, IL look like, but do you really need to sort through all the bad apples to find the good movers?  Actually, you can cut right to the chase if you start your search right here at  When you fill out the quick form on our homepage, we set you up with moving quotes from only the best movers in the 60103 and the 60133.

Sounds like someone is on the fast track to a successful move.

Reliable moving companies in Chicago are our specialty at!

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Tips for a Great Move to Barrington, Illinois

Barrington, Illinois has a city slogan that goes, “A great place to live, work, and play!”  Given the various attractions in the area, this certainly turns out to be true.  But, like most other places in the world, moving there can be a pain without the proper preparation or homework.  For those unfamiliar with the process of finding the best movers to move to Barrington, Illinois, we offer the following options:

  1. Price Quotes on Moving Services – This remains one of the most popular routes for finding a mover, despite the time commitment.  You’ll have to sit down and fully evaluate your moving needs, then call as many movers as you can to make sure the prices you’re getting are legit.  Be careful not to fall for the “too good to be true” bargain basement quotes (I see poor service and hidden fees in your future).
  2. Moving Company Referrals – Another popular approach is to ask around with your friends and family who have recently moved.  You’ll have to make sure that the movers they used offer the services you need to fit your particular move to the 60010.  Every move to Barrington, Illinois is different in ways big and small, so make sure your mover can accommodate.
  3. – The easiest and most reliable route to find a great mover is to go through us,  We’re not movers, but we work exclusively with the best area movers to get you a great deal on a move to Barrington, Illinois.

Movers that are reliable and affordable.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The best moving tips and access to fantastic Illinois movers, only at!

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Racing for the Best Moving Rates in Arlington Heights, IL

Those familiar with the Arlington Heights area know that it’s home to the Arlington Park Race Track where they host a qualifying event for the Breeders’ Cup horse race.  Those who have moved in the Chicago area may feel like it’s more of a rat race to find the best moving rates in Arlington Heights, IL.  So what tips can we provide to make it easier on you?

  • Moving Price Quotes – Talk to anyone in the moving business and they’ll tell you that getting multiple quotes is your best bet for knowing whether you’re getting a good price on your move.  Of course, the best moving rates in Arlington Heights, IL are not necessary those quotes that come in with a bargain basement price.
  • Professional Illinois Movers – So why isn’t cheapest best?  Well, if you take the time to check out the operation of some of the budget movers, you might see why.  Red flags include sloppy, careless moving staff and damaged or dirty moving vehicles.  If they don’t take pride in their people and equipment, they probably won’t take pride in your move.
  • Referrals for Moving Companies – Consider asking your friends about movers they’ve used in the recent past to see if they’re the same ones you’re considering.  Recent good reviews are a great indication that the best moving rates in Arlington Heights, IL aren’t too good to be true.

So what’s got to do with all this?  We’re not movers, but if you start your mover search with us, we’ll set you up with price quotes from only the very best movers in the 60004 or the 60005.  Avoid the bad apples altogether.

Reliable relocation specialists in the Chicago area, with help from!

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Tracking Down Low Cost Movers in Illinois


Moves nowadays can seem crazy expensive.  It’s not like the old days, where you packed your stuff in garbage bags and just picked your three strongest friends to help you move.  Grown up moves come with so many extra worries and costs.  Luckily, there are a few solid tips for finding low cost movers in Illinois…

  1. Cheap Illinois Movers – First things first, let’s define cheap.  Bob’s Bargain Basement Movers are cheap, but their shoddy service and hidden fees certainly are not.  What you’re probably looking for is good value, right.  Great Chicago moving companies at an affordable price.
  2. The Best Movers in Illinois – Ok, so let’s define a great mover.  They’ll probably show up in clean, insured moving vehicles driven by uniformed, reliable staff.  Oh, and they’ll have a great reputation with recent customers and relevant moving associations.  And most of all, they’ll give you a lot for your money.

Now that we’ve got that worked out, we have some friends we’d like to introduce you to.  We don’t know which low cost movers in Illinois you should use, but we do know where to find plenty to choose from.  Hop on over to the homepage and see how quick and easy it can be.

Low cost movers in Illinois with exceptional service, only at!

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Finding the Best Alsip Moving Companies


Alsip, IL is a popular suburb of Chicago.  If you’re looking to relocate to the Windy City suburbs, Alsip moving companies are ready for your business.  Of course, taking the time to sort through and find the good companies might be more of a time commitment than you’d like…

  • Your Moving Needs – As mentioned in a previous post, every move is about the people actually filling the boxes.  Not only do you need to focus on your moving needs, but you need to communicate these to whichever Alsip moving companies you contact.  How else can they provide an accurate pricing quote for you?
  • Moving Price Quotes – No matter how many moving quotes you’ve gotten, it can never hurt to add another.  The more you have, the more certain you can be that you’ll be able to get a decent price and won’t fall into a scam trap.
  • Best Illinois Movers – Aside from price, you’ll probably want to only consider Alsip moving companies that have great reputations and a history of providing for the needs of their customers.  Consider checking with the local better business bureau site or the wide variety of moving company review websites out there.

Or, you can have us do all that work for you.  That’s right, a few quick minutes and a simple form on our homepage will set you up with all the moving quotes you want…from only the very best movers in the 60803.

The best moving rates in Chicago, with help from!

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Moving to the Chicago Suburbs? Welcome!


Chicago has big city draw, along with nearby suburbs featuring a cozier Midwestern feel.  These are the types of things that have so many moving to the Chicago suburbs recently.  If you’ve had a bad move or two in the past, you might not be looking forward to your relocation to Chi-town.  Luckily, it doesn’t have to go that way again…

Your Move to Chicago

Whether you’re moving to the Chicago suburbs, the Pacific Northwest, or Timbuktu, you have to keep in mind that this move is all about you and your needs.  Once you’ve taken a serious assessment of your moving needs and you think you’re ready to talk to movers, be sure to think about what type of movers and moving services you’re interested in.

The Best Movers in Chicago

Not sure what a great moving company looks like?  Think about all the bad characteristics you’ve seen in other moving companies and just picture the opposite.  The best companies for moving to the Chicago suburbs employ only professional, uniformed staff driving clean, insured moving vehicles.  And, since they’re in this industry for the long haul, they’ll do everything from local moves to international moves.  Your satisfaction is their business.

Find all the best movers in the Chicago area with one quick visit to!

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Moving Do’s and Don’ts

You don’t have to be an expert to make your move successful, but following these simple guidelines will save you considerable headaches. These are Chicago Movers favorite tips condensed into a few bullet points. Follow these and make your move a breeze!

Do: Create a moving plan six weeks out that works for you, if you have less time don’t worry, just get started.

Do: Get research your moving company thoroughly including checking their background with the state and city they are registered in. A good way to get started is to get a free moving quote right now.

Do: Get packing, pack at least one thing a day. Start with a few small items to get your confidence going. Consider having a packing party, get some beer and pizza for friends and make it fun!

Do: Remember to reserve your freight elevator and a loading spot if you live in an apartment or condo.

Don’t: Try to do it by yourself, consider your self captain of your move, where you have to enlist a crew to help with a number of different tasks.

Don’t: Wait to schedule the disconnection and reconnection of your utilities, often many utility companies require weeks for a disconnect. Get confirmation numbers for your utility disconnections.

Don’t: Forget the stressful part of a move is not having a plan and not anticipating hiccups. Allow for wiggle room in your schedule as not everything will go according to plan.

Get a discount on your moving and packing supplies.

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