Tips for Planning a Move to Chicago Heights

Planning a Move to Chicago Heights

Planning a move to any big city suburb comes with it’s own little quirks that you have to consider.  Not taking the time to effectively plan a move is one of the top causes of an unsuccessful or overly frustrating move.  On the other hand, planning ahead for some of the things you know you’ll be facing is a great way to reduce stress and make a move go much more smoothly than you’re used to.  With that in mind, let’s talk about planning a move to Chicago Heights…

Moving Rates in Chicago, Illinois

  • Planning for Traffic During a Move – True, Chicago Heights is over 30 miles away from downtown Chicago, but anyone who’s from the area will tell you that the suburbs can certainly have their own crazy traffic patterns.  You may even have to contend with actual Chicago traffic, depending on which direction you’re coming from.  Regardless, talk to someone who lives in the area who can give you hints on planning the timing of your move.
  • Planning a Move Around Bad Weather – Again, anyone who’s from the area will tell you how important it is to incorporate weather when planning a move to Chicago Heights.  If you have to move during winter, then so be it.  But, it’s always smart to have a backup day in mind if the weather turns out to be downright unbearable that day.  Discuss this idea with your movers and see what accommodations they can make.
  • The Best Chicago Movers – Of course, all the planning in the world can go right down the tubes if you pick a bad moving company in the 60411 or the 60475.  Choosing an affordable mover that offers reliable services is one of the best moves you can make.  Not only will you save money on your successful move, but the movers may even be able to assist in planning a move to Chicago Heights.

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Movers in Calumet City, IL Are Ready to Make You Smile

Movers in Calumet City, IL

Calumet City is a popular suburb of Chicago perhaps most well known for its “Smiley Towers.”  The two water towers were painted with yellow smiley faces during the 1970s at the suggestion of a young girl.  Several other cities in the area have followed suit, though Calumet City is thought to be the first to do so.  If you have a move coming up, you might not be in much of a smiley mood, especially if you’ve used a bad mover in the past and are dreading the idea of getting trick again.  Luckily, great movers in Calumet City, IL are prepared to give you a fantastic move…

Planning a Suburban Chicago Move

  • Professional Moving Services – When you have a serious move, you want movers who are serious about their craft.  This means using professional, uniformed staff and insured moving vehicles.  It also means offering your customers a wide range of helpful moving services to customize their moves.  The best movers in Calumet City, IL provide all this and more.
  • Affordable Moving Rates – Of course, none of this matters if it costs an arm and a leg.  No one’s smiley after blowing a ton of money on a move.  Great movers in the 60409 know the importance of a satisfying move and keep their prices affordable to ensure your satisfaction.

Once you deal with the best movers in Calumet City, IL, you’ll immediately feel the difference from movers you’ve used in the past.  These movers will flat out take care of you.  And that’s enough to make anyone smile.  And you can get free price quotes from a ton of them with just a five minute form right here at

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Top Three Reasons for Making a Move to Burnham, Illinois

Move to Burnham, Illinois

As we’ve addressed in previous posts, there are a lot of good reasons to move to any of the various Chicago suburbs.  With so many locales to choose from, it can be difficult to know what makes any of them stand out.  For example, why would someone choose to move to Burnham, Illinois over any of the other available suburbs?  We’re glad you asked…

Moving to the Suburbs of Chicago

  1. You’re a Workaholic – One of the most unique features of Burnham is its close proximity to Chicago.  Being located immediately south of the city of Chicago is a dream come true for a workaholic.  Staying at the office late?  No biggie, you’re only minutes from home after you move to Burnham, Illinois.
  2. You Love Chicago Bears Football – True, they’re difficult to love at times (and even more difficult the rest of the time), but you can’t help it, you’re addicted.  Again, the close proximity to Chicago gives Burnham residents a crazy short commute to the stadium, whether by public transit or their own cars (brave souls).
  3. Finding Great Chicago Movers – Yep, it’s so darn easy nowadays you just can’t help but move to Burnham, Illinois.  If this seems like a stretch to you, you clearly haven’t spent a lot of time here at  We not only provide great write-ups like this one (thank you for saying so), but we also set you up with free moving quotes from only the very best companies in the 60633.

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The Best Moving Companies in Burbank, IL are Flying High

The Best Burbank, IL Movers

To hear the residents of Chicago’s various suburbs tell it, there are several “best suburbs” in the area, each for their own unique reasons.  One of the many attractions to Burbank is the fact that Midway Airport is about 2 miles away.  You might feel like your last moving experience was a crash and burn, thanks mostly to a bad mover.  But, if you take the time to consider the best moving companies in Burbank, IL, you’ll be flying high with them.

Moving to the Chicago Area

Cheap Chicago Movers

Any use of the word “cheap” while planning a move has got to be a good thing, right?  Actually, you’d be surprised how many people are tricked and burned by those suspiciously “affordable” moving price quotes that turn out to not be affordable at all.  These companies are likely to deliver unreliable, careless service and will probably even hit you up with hidden fees during your move.  The best moving companies in Burbank, IL offer a fair price on their high quality services, never using trickery to gain their business.

The Best Northern Illinois Movers

So what do these mythical great moving companies really look like?  You’ll probably notice big differences like professional, uniformed moving staff and insured, clean moving vehicles.  Other changes you might not notice include a wider range of moving services and a fantastic reputation with recent customers.  The best moving companies in Burbank, IL are in the industry for the long-term and want nothing more than to provide a high quality moving experience.

Of course, finding these awesome companies has never been easier than at  Not only do we provide great information and tips for planning your move, but we also help you cut right to the chase to obtain free moving quotes from the best movers in the 60459.

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Avoid the Herd When Moving to Buffalo Grove, IL

Moving to Buffalo Grove, IL

Buffalo Grove is one of the many Chicago suburbs that is becoming more and more popular.  Of course, knowing that the city and the local creek took their name from the buffalo bones found nearby provides a convenient segue to talk about the herd mentality as it applies to choosing the right company for your moving day…

Suburban Chicago Movers

  • Determining My Moving Needs – They say moves are like snowflakes (or maybe I made that up), no two are the same.  This means that you will have different moving needs than your parents, who had different moving needs than their neighbors, and so on.  This limits the effectiveness of anyone else’s suggestions as far as who you should use for movers.  You’ll want a company you feel comfortable with when moving to Buffalo Grove, IL.
  • Useful Moving Services – Of course, it’s really easy to meet your moving needs when you work with movers who offer a wide range of useful moving services.  These are the types of companies that take on those little extra costs to make sure their customers have all the services they need.
  • Moving Company Reviews – Your search for the right movers might gain some traction at the various moving company review websites out there.  Then again, these sites tend to draw only extremely positive or extremely negative reviews, with little practical information.

If you’re moving to Buffalo Grove, IL, and want to find the right movers quickly, you’re in the right place.  At, we’ve already sorted out the bad apples, leaving you free moving quotes from only the very best local movers in the 60089.  Sounds like it’s time to leave the herd behind.

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How to Avoid Getting Caged in by Bad Local Movers in Brookfield, IL

Local Movers in Brookfield, IL

Brookfield, IL is a popular suburb of Chicago for residents and tourists alike.  One of the main reasons for this is the world famous Brookfield Zoo.  If you’ve been there, you understand its popularity.  But, if you’ve been tricked by a bad mover lately, you probably know what it feels like to be as caged in as some of those animals.  So what’s the secret to avoiding some of the typical tricks of bad local movers in Brookfield, IL?

The Best Chicago Moving Companies

  1. Price Estimates for Moving Services – The fact is, most people can easily detect a fishy moving company if they do their homework and gather moving quotes from multiple movers.  Whether or not you choose to trust your instincts and pass on the “too good to be true” rates that are much lower than the rest is another matter.  The info is there for you…trust your gut to find the right local movers in Brookfield, IL.
  2. Movers with Great Reviews – More free information that’s out there for most moving companies are reviews from recent customers.  These are probably your strongest indication of how you’re likely to be treated.  Great local movers in Brookfield, IL are sure to treat every move as their most important…because it is.  The good companies know that one bad review can put a serious dent in their business.
  3. Professional Moving Companies – Your move is a big deal, so don’t feel shy about going that extra mile to check out prospective movers.  If you want to stop by their operation to scope out their vehicles and staff, why don’t you?  You need to have that warm fuzzy feeling before such an important decision.

At, we do your homework for you by working with only the very best local movers.  Filling out one quick form on our homepage will set you up with quotes from all these great movers…for free!  Break free of the bad mover scene and try out a respected, reliable company in the 60513 for a change.

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Professional Movers in Bridgeview, Illinois are on Fire!

Professional Movers in Bridgeview, Illinois

Bridgeview, Illinois is home to the Chicago Fire of Major League Soccer.  Of course, the area is also home to so many great moving companies that offer reliable moving services and can make your moving day go more smoothly than you ever imagined it could.  Just because they’re out there, though, doesn’t mean they’re always easy to find.  You don’t want to get tricked into using a bad mover like so many have before you.  So what do professional movers in Bridgeview, Illinois look like?

Relocation Experts in Suburban Chicago

  • Reliable Moving Staff – The staff hired by a moving company often makes up the face of the company.  This means a good mover will only use uniformed, reliable moving staff that are courteous and careful during your move.  Swing by the offices of the companies you’re considering to see if they match this description.
  • Clean, Insured Moving Vehicles – Truly professional movers in Bridgeview, Illinois will also incur the extra cost of maintaining and insuring their moving vehicles to give you that extra feeling of confidence in their operation.  This is also a fairly strong indication that they are in this for the long haul.

Bottom line, you want movers that are truly concerned with the quality of your move, not just a bargain basement, fly-by-night operation trying to make a quick buck.  Professional moving companies are definitely key to a successful move.  And makes it easy to find them.  We set you up with instant, free moving quotes from only the best movers in the 60455.

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Bad Moving Companies in Blue Island, Illinois Are All Wet

Moving Companies in Blue Island, IL

Blue Island, Illinois is named such because it was founded on an area that was an island in Lake Chicago during the last ice age.  Good to know, but if you’re moving to the area, it’s much more important to know how to avoid the bad moving companies in Blue Island, Illinois.  You’ve heard far too many horror stories of moves ruined by bad movers to let it happen to you…

Cheap Chicago Moving Services

  • Price Quotes on Moving Services – The usual way to compare various moving companies is to accumulate price quotes from as many moving companies in Blue Island, Illinois as possible.  This will help you establish a baseline price you can expect to pay, while also helping indicate any fishy bargain basement offers.  This approach is usually very time consuming.
  • Moving Company Reviews – To further evaluate the movers you are considering, consider looking into the various moving company review websites out there.  You can also ask your friends and family for their opinions on movers they’ve used lately.  The downside to this approach is that you are likely to only hear the very bad or the very good reviews.
  • – Of course, your best bet for finding great moving companies in Blue Island, Illinois is to start with the bad ones eliminated.  That’s how it works at  One quick form is all it takes to get moving quotes from the best movers in the 60406 and the rest of the Chicago area.

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The Best Berwyn, IL Movers are Stacked With Great Moving Services

The Best Berwyn, IL Movers

Berwyn is one of the many popular suburbs of Chicago.  The city is most well known for the unique “Spindle” structure that one adorned a local parking lot.  The art was featured in several movies and was a large kabob of stacked cars.  Of course, the best Berwyn, IL movers are known to be stacked with great moving services to serve their customers’ moving needs…

Moving to the Chicago Suburbs

The Best Chicago Moving Services

It didn’t take the best moving companies long to realize that their customers often need more than just a simple move.  Oftentimes, packing services or storage units are a necessity, depending on your situation.  Having a mover that offers these useful services not only can help your move go more smoothly, but also shows that the company is in the industry for the long-term and is willing to take on extra costs to offer these services.  The best Berwyn, IL movers will definitely take the time to go through all their helpful service to best suit your moving needs.

Chicago Suburb Movers

So how do you go about tracking down the best Berwyn, IL movers?  You’ve read other moving tips that talk about all the time and effort necessary to ensure a great deal on moving services, but isn’t there an easier way?  Actually, at, we do all the research for you.  When you fill out one quick form with us, you’ll get free moving quotes from the very best moving experts in the 60402.

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Reasons to Look Forward to Moving to Berkeley, Illinois

Like many of the suburbs of Chicago, Berkeley, Illinois certainly offers some distinct advantages to those choosing to call the city home.  Whether you’re on the fence about moving to Berkeley, Illinois or if you’ve already made the decision to do so, it certainly doesn’t hurt to run over some of the key advantages again…

  • Suburb Close to Chicago – Berkeley is only 16 miles from downtown Chicago.  This means you’ll easily be able to enjoy all the events and attractions of Chicago after moving to Berkeley, Illinois.  The city is also a stop on the Metra line, which makes commuting to work so much easier.
  • Moving Near Chicago Parks – Berkeley is also very well situated for it’s residents to enjoy Chicago’s many parks and nature preserves.  Nothing helps you unwind from your big city stress like a nice walk in the park or secluded preserve.  With so many great options located nearby, moving to the 60163 is the natural choice.

Of course, the best part about moving to Berkeley, Illinois or any other area of Chicago is how easy it is to find a great moving company.  Yes, I said easy.  When you start your search at, you’ll see what I mean.  One quick form is all it takes to be setup with moving quotes from only the very best Illinois movers.  Now that’s something to look forward to.

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