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Hoffman Estates is a northwestern suburb of Chicago and sits chiefly in Cook County, Illinois with a small portion of the village sitting in Kane County.  The headquarters of Sears Holdings and AT&T are also located in Hoffman Estates.

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Hoffman Estates

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With the opening of the Northwest Tollway in 1958, Hoffman Estates became attractive to people commuting to and from Chicago.  Centex Corporation mass-produced homes on adjacent lots and in the early ’70’s the Woodfield Mall opened.  The mall was the start of the area’s major business center.  By the early 1990’s the Prairie Stone Business Park was developed along with a branch of Northern Illinois University, office buildings, a health & wellness center and a child care facility within the park.

Hoffman Estates IL moving companies as well as other relocation services are abundant, partly due to the new growth but mostly because the area is so close to Chicago. Therefore, there are a couple of difficulties facing those moving to the area.  First off, you’ll have to choose the right Hoffman Estates movers from a list of many.  And then the chore of identifying which companies caters to the distinct needs of the area. This is likely more work than most people will want to take on alone, but there is some good news. Chicago Movers can do this for you free of charge.

So who are Chicago Movers? We’re a company that reduces the burden of the relocation process by handling some of the critical tasks, such as finding the right Hoffman Estates movers. We do that by providing the research and insight into these Hoffman Estates movers that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish on your own in the short amount of time that you have. We’re also there for you throughout the process in case you have any questions, and to help you avoid those relocation pitfalls.

So what makes Chicago Movers the right choice? The people who comprise Chicago Movers have been working in this industry for years earning experience and contacts. They’ve been in the trenches providing these services, helping clients just like you, and figuring out innovative ways to overcome logistical problems. In other words, they have the experience to know what you need as a client, and to know what Hoffman Estates movers have to do to be successful. When you put that together, you have an awesome relocation resource.

Chicago Movers has built its network of Hoffman Estates movers, packers, and storage services very carefully. Each company is handpicked, and there is no way for them to buy in. Each company in our network had to earn their involvement by passing our comprehensive screening process. They also have to continue to live up to those standards, and we evaluate each of these Hoffman Estates movers each month. If a company slips, they’re gone.

Our criteria for the top Hoffman Estates moving companies is as follows: We want Hoffman Estates movers who have established themselves as a business, but have also shown a commitment to Hoffman Estates as a member of the community. At Chicago Movers, we also want Hoffman Estates movers who are as devoted to our clients as we are. Other vital criteria are their rates, which must be below the regional average. In Hoffman Estates, cheap movers are easy to come by, but it is not so simple to find an operation good enough for our network.

Are you ready to try out this service? Did we mention that it’s free and it comes with no obligation? That’s right. All you have to do to find the right movers in Hoffman Estates is fill out a single form. The form contains all of the information necessary for Hoffman Estates movers to make a bid. Fill it out, press the submit button, and that’s it. Within seconds, you’ll have a list of appropriate Hoffman Estates movers along with the quotes for the services that you need.

Here’s what you should know about each quote that we provide. We only provide quotes from Hoffman Estates movers in our network. That means they’ve been through screening within the last month. We also guarantee that the quote we provide is accurate, and that it will be good for the next 30 days. Lastly, you know that the company has a stellar reputation as well as all of the licensing and insurance as required by law.

Since there’s no risk, there’s no reason to delay. Try us, and then take the quotes we provide you to other Hoffman Estates movers. Ask them to beat our prices. We promise that they won’t be able to. When you’re confident in that, return to our website, and let’s get this process started. Together, we can make this the best big move ever. We look forward to serving you.