Forest Park

The Potawatomis and their ancestors lived in, what is now known as Forest Park, for thousands of years. Their dead are laid to rest along the banks of the Des Plaines River in an area that is now Forest Home Cemetery.  Des Plaines Avenue was once an Indian trail.

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Forest Park

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In 1835, when Illinois joined the union and land west of Chicago was set aside for veterans of the war of 1812, Forest Park was known as Oak Ridge.  The railroad came in 1856 and working people began to settle the area.  In 1871, many displaced people from the Chicago first settled in Forest Park along with German immigrants.  Gas streetlights were installed throughout the town in 1886 and a lamplighter was hired.  Then in 1890 a sausage factory was built  and In 1897, the installation of electric lighting was available to those living on or doing business on Madison Street.  The telephone came in 1898 and EL service was established by 1895, making the town accessible to Chicago and surrounding areas.

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