Elk Grove

Located adjacent to O'Hare International Airport, the village of Elk Grove is a municipality in the county of DuPage, Illinois.  With a population of close to 35, 000 people, Elk Grove encompasses just 10.5 square miles.

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Elk Grove

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It is an undeniable fact that relocating can cost money.   Money is tight for most folks today and for this reason, if you are planning a move to Elk Grove, you should do everything possible to lessen your moving expenses.  We, at Chicago movers, can make your move not only easier, but less costly.

Choosing a less expensive moving company in Elk Grove doesn’t mean you have to settle for second-best.  Let us help you find Elk Grove movers  that can provide you with quality, affordable moving solutions.

Although a mispronunciation of it’s Native American name, Elk Grove is named after a herd of elk that was brought to the area by an early immigrant in 1920.  The descendants of these elk still reside in a forest preserve in Busse Woods.

Many German immigrants helped to populate Elk Grove before it developed into a residential community.  Mostly farmers by trade, the early residents of the village can be found buried in Elk Grove cemetery.

Today Elk Grove is prominent in the health care industry, with it’s local hospital being the largest employer of the citizens of the village.  Once home to United Airlines headquarters, Elk Grove is now best known for having the largest business park in North America; housing over 38, 000 businesses.  It was also the first of Illinois’ municipalities to enforce a public smoking ban.

You might ask what makes Chicago Movers the right choice to provide the services you need for a major move.  Well for starters, we are industry experts with hard-earned contacts and years of experience providing these services to customers just like you. We understand what goes into being a successful Elk Grove IL moving company, and this gives us the unique ability to distinguish which Elk Grove movers are right for you, from the ones that are not.

Our process begins by analyzing the area and all of the Elk Grove movers, packers, and storage services that operate within that region. What we’re trying to do is identify the top Elk Grove moving companies, and we do this by seeking out the core qualities that all successful operations exhibit. The most important of these qualities is commitment to customer service, and companies who offer the best rates in the area.  In Elk Grove, cheap movers are abundant, but finding inexpensive relocation services that provide everything we outlined above is not so easy. This is why our service is so invaluable.

Trying Chicago Mover’s service is simple.  All  you have to do is fill out a single form on our web site which contains all of the information we need to provide you with a quote.  Just fill it out, hit the submit button, sit back, and wait a moment. We’ll provide you with a list of Elk Grove movers that can provide the services you need at prices that make sense and best of all – there is no charge for this service. Your estimates are 100% free to you.

With every quote you will receive a guarantee that each Elk Grove movers bid is not only accurate, but that it will remain valid for the next month. You also get a guarantee that we have extensively screened these Elk Grove movers, and that Chicago Movers has updated that analysis within the last 30 days. Lastly, you can be confident that each of these Elk Grove movers has all of the licensing and insurance that local and national laws require.

Fill out our simple form today and we’ll make sure that this is the best relocation experience possible. Thank you, and we look forward to helping you and your family.