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Located on the far south side of the city of Chicago, East Side, Illinois is only one of numerous community areas of Chicago.  Being located on the east bank of the Calumet river is where East Side got it's name.

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East Side

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East Side is approximately 13 miles from Chicago’s downtown area and is in between the Calumet River and the Illinois-Indiana state line.

Many of East Side’s early settlers were of Croatian and Serbian heritage.  Once home to the thriving Port of Chicago, riverside docks were plentiful.  Many steel mills also lined the Calumet river and in the early 1900’s, the area was plagued by union unrest at the mills.  In 1937, the well-known Memorial Day Massacre occurred.  Ten unarmed protesters were shot and killed by local police during a strike.  This incident was instrumental in seeing the organization of Chicago’s steel mills.  In the 1950’s the East Side was divided in half by the Chicago Skyway.

Chicago movers are happy to provide free moving quotes to all the towns and municipalities in East Side. It is important to connect with a mover that understands your needs and will treat your possessions as if they were their own.

It is an undeniable fact that moving from one place to another can be costly, and finances are tight for most people in today’s economy.  For this reason, if you are planning a move to or from East Side, it is necessary to do everything possible to lessen your moving expenses.  We at Chicago movers can make your move easier and less costly to you.

Of course, trying to find less expensive East Side moving companies doesn’t mean you should settle for second-best. You need to take into account that affordable doesn’t necessarily suggest poor service. You can find quality movers at prices you can afford, but this all takes time and can be a lot of work.

That is why working with Chicago Movers is a good decision.  We only work with licensed, pre-screened and insured movers so you can be confident we have all the bases covered when you submit your free quote to Chicago Movers.

We have evaluated all East Side movers operating in the area.  More importantly, we continue to evaluate them every 30 days, and if they no longer make the grade, they are removed from our database. There’s also no “buying in” to our network. The East Side movers in our network earn the right to be here, and by earn, we mean those with impeccable reputations and who have maintained their reputation for some time.  We also want East Side movers who commit to their clients with the same level of attention to detail that we do.  Finally, we only accept movers who offer rates at or below the area average. In East Side, cheap movers are everywhere, but companies that make this grade are not.

The next step is to try us. All it takes is a simple form, which only includes the info that movers in East Side need to make a bid. Fill it out, and press the submit button. There is no risk and no obligation. Within seconds, we’ll return to you a list of appropriate East Side movers along with quotes for their services. We provide this service to you free of charge. We make our money only after we’ve successfully paired you with the right mover for your job.

Each bid we provide you is from a company within our network. The means that we’ve assessed the company within the last 30 days, and that their bid will be good for the next 30 days. As part of our regular screening process, we ensure that all services have the necessary licensing and insurance. There you have it, reputable companies with no risk and without all the hard work.

So what are you waiting for?  Plug in that information now, and get your list of quotes with no obligation. Then, take your time. We’d even suggest that you shop our quotes around to other East Side movers, and ask them to beat these prices. When you realize they can’t, come back, and let’s do some business. This will be the best big move you’ve ever had. We look forward to it!