Calumet City

Known as West Hammond until 1924, Calumet City’s most prominent industry in the late 1800?s and into the turn of that century, was the G.H Hammond Meat Packing Plant, which burned to the ground in 1901.  Other companies began to move into the city to bridge some of the economic gap left behind, including a starch company and the West Hammond Brewing Company.

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Calumet City

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One challenge you might face if you’re planning a move to Calumet City is the vast array of moving companies that service the area.  How do you find just the right one?

Calumet City movers are here to help with every aspect of your move.  So who are Chicago Movers?   We’re a moving company focused on making your move as easy and seamless as possible.  So who are Chicago Movers?   We’re a moving company focused on making your move as easy and seamless as possible.  By finding the right Calumet City movers you’ll avoid some of the many pitfalls that can occur when relocating to a new area.

In the early 1900’s, a City Hall made of brick was built in Calumet City and a refurbished version of it still stands today.  Calumet City’s population began to grow so fast during this time that there was soon a shortage of housing as building contractors couldn’t keep up with demand.

With the onset of “The Great War”, Calumet City had more of it’s men enlist in the army per capita than any other community in the US.  But with the war came prohibition and it wasn’t long before Calumet City was best known for illicit drugs, bootlegging and prostitution.  By the 1960’s  bad elements controlled all the bars, drug and prostitution rings in the city until the government decided to crack down and clean the city up.  By the 80’s what was once known as “the strip” was turned into an industrial park.

Calumet City boasts strong ethnic, racial and cultural diversity and today is a going concern with a large mall,  two fire departments, police services and a new state-of-the-art library.  Clubs and services provide outreach to communities as well as individuals and businesses.

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