Berkeley is a western suburb of Cook County, Illinois. It's a relatively small village with a population of 5,245 according to a census conducted in 2000.

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I received multiple competitive quotes in minutes, the movers were very friendly and accommodating

- Tim Cheswick

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Relocating from one location to another costs money, that is undeniable. And money is tough for most people nowadays.  That is one good reason it is exceedingly important to do what you can to lessen you moving costs.  This is not hard to do since there are many Berkeley movers competing for your business.

But, looking for low cost Berkeley moving companies doesn’t mean you should settle for the second-best. You must remember that inexpensive does not always suggest poor service. There are actually low cost Berkeley movers in existence that offer expert relocating services but you must take the time and energy to choose the movers that offer the best service at a cost you can afford.

That’s exactly where Chicago Movers come into play. We’ll make your research for reliable Berkeley movers much faster and simpler. You’ll find a number of fly-by-night moving companies with nothing more to offer than high costs for poor service. You have to examine a company’s certificates and licenses – something you probably have little time for.  By dealing with Chicago movers, we will help you avoid the mistake of choosing a disreputable moving company whose only interest is taking as much of your hard-earned money as they can and offering poor service in return.

Moving costs depend on the type of moving service you require. Berkeley movers offer full moving services, including appliance hook-up for an additional small fee.

Your search for low cost but expert Berkeley moving companies begins with completing a simple form on our web site.  This will allow you to get 100% free estimates from Berkeley movers.   Just provide us with your pertinent moving details such as your area of origin and to where you are moving and within minutes, you will get 100% free quotes from reliable Berkeley movers.

Once this is complete, our staff is available to answer any additional questions you might have.  Most moving companies provide two types of moving estimates; binding or non-binding.   With a binding estimate, you are obligated to pay whatever amount is written on the estimate sheet that you have signed even if the move weighs less or more than the estimated amount.  A non-binding estimate, on the other hand, is an approximate cost of the move based on the initial survey of your items. The final cost is determined after the job is done.

Finding the right Berkeley movers to handle your move as efficiently as possible is easy with Chicago Movers.  So what are you waiting for?  Give Chicago Movers a try, and we assure you, you’ll be thankful you did.