Moving Do’s and Don’ts

You don’t have to be an expert to make your move successful, but following these simple guidelines will save you considerable headaches. These are Chicago Movers favorite tips condensed into a few bullet points. Follow these and make your move a breeze!

Do: Create a moving plan six weeks out that works for you, if you have less time don’t worry, just get started.

Do: Get research your moving company thoroughly including checking their background with the state and city they are registered in. A good way to get started is to get a free moving quote right now.

Do: Get packing, pack at least one thing a day. Start with a few small items to get your confidence going. Consider having a packing party, get some beer and pizza for friends and make it fun!

Do: Remember to reserve your freight elevator and a loading spot if you live in an apartment or condo.

Don’t: Try to do it by yourself, consider your self captain of your move, where you have to enlist a crew to help with a number of different tasks.

Don’t: Wait to schedule the disconnection and reconnection of your utilities, often many utility companies require weeks for a disconnect. Get confirmation numbers for your utility disconnections.

Don’t: Forget the stressful part of a move is not having a plan and not anticipating hiccups. Allow for wiggle room in your schedule as not everything will go according to plan.

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