Long Distance Moves

Relocation is an exciting process, the start of a journey that leads us to many new opportunities. But moving is also one of life’s great stresses, and it can overcome the best of us. For most, the process is a logistical nightmare coupled with constant fear of the unknown. And that’s just for moves to the next town over. Imagine how great the challenge and daunting the stress can be for long distance moves.

long distance moves

Long distance moves are complex, which makes it even more critical that you hire moving, packing, and storage companies that are trustworthy and dependable. Your goal should be to let them sweat the small stuff in a cost-effective manner while you focus on the things that really matter. After all, the minutia is what makes this process a grind. But finding honest and loyal companies to handle it is never easy, and that process can become its own great challenge.

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This is where Chicago Movers can help. We’re a company that specializes in long distance moves, but we’re not the moving service itself. Instead, we’re a network that pairs clients with reputable companies that facilitate long distance moves. In other words, we’re not trying to sell you anything. We just want to pair you up with the right business to meet your needs, and if we do that well, we succeed.

The key to our network is extensive and ongoing research and analysis. How it works is that we evaluate Chicago-area moving services based on a number of criteria. Then, if that service makes the grade, we invite them into the network. But we don’t settle there. We also continue to reevaluate them every month in order to ensure that they’re maintaining an acceptable level of performance. Our standards are strict and high, and we remove companies from the network all the time.

We want partners that make the same pledge to you that we do, and we want them to have integrated themselves into Chicago and its surrounding areas. One of the most crucial qualities for a business that handles long distance moves is that they possess a strong association with the destination community. In addition to that trust, they must have impeccable reputations within those communities, and they must be able offer our clients rates that are below the area norm.

At this point, you’re likely wondering what makes us here at Chicago Movers uniquely qualified to operate such a network. Chicago Movers is comprised of employees with years of real-world moving experience. We have people who have worked for some of the biggest names in the industry and all throughout North America. We have those who specialize solely in long distance moves and those with expertise in other areas of the trade. So we put them altogether, and now they’re putting that skill to work for you.

Are you wondering how to begin? Well, taking advantage of our FREE services is quite simple. All you have to do is fill out a single, concise form. That form has all of the information that a moving, packing, or storage service will need to give you an accurate quote. Once you’ve filled it out, hit the submit button. That’s it. There is no commitment on your part, and you can walk away at any time. We’ll process that information through our database, and then return a list of companies that meet your needs at prices that make sense.

Once you receive the list, look it over. Here’s what you should know about it: Chicago Movers has thoroughly evaluated each company on the list, a reevaluation has occurred within the last 30 days, and the business specializes in long distance moves. In addition, the company has a great reputation, a spotless record with the Chicago Better Business Bureau, and they have all of the licenses and insurance required by law in Illinois as well as your departure state.

Additionally, each quote that we provide you is valid for the next 30 days, so there’s no need to rush. In fact, we recommend that you shop those quotes around to companies outside of our network. Ask them to beat those prices, and then return to us when you’re ready. This way you’ll know that we’re a company of our word. In the meantime, examine the rest of the Chicago Movers website. Preparation is the key to long distance moves, and we have a number of resources that can help you make those preparations.

Remember, we provide the fastest, inexpensive, and most reliable quotes for long distance moves in the entire Chicago area, and we do it with no risk whatsoever to our clients. Give us the opportunity to facilitate your long distance moves, and we promise that it will not be a decision you regret. Chicago Movers is the #1 relocation network for a reason, and we look forward to serving you.

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Chicago Movers were professional, friendly and handled my belongings with great care, thank you!

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It turned out hiring a mover wasn't much more expensive than renting a truck and doing it myself

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