Check Out Our Best Tips for Moving to Chicago

Tips for Moving To Chicago

Moves always seem to go easier when you get some good advice ahead of time from folks who know what they’re talking about.  Here at, we not only offer the easiest way to get free moving quotes from high quality movers, but we have also assembled an impressive set of moving tips to help you out.  Let’s hit a few of our best tips for moving to Chicago…

Saving Money After Your Chicago Move

Most people focus on the “before” when looking to save on a Chicago move.  You could score a great deal on moving supplies or your mover.  Or, if you’re careful during your move, you could save receipts from all your moving expenses and get a big tax write-off.  You’ll want to check with the IRS for the most recent list of eligible expenses, but you should be able to save some major coin.  Click here to see the rest of our moving tips.

Picking the Right Moving Boxes and Packing Them Correctly

There are a ton of moving boxes to choose from out there.  You’ll want to make sure the boxes you select are right for the items you have.  Also, don’t over pack your boxes, as this will tax your body and potentially damage the items inside.  Be sure to fill the empty voids with packing materials or blankets to prevent shifting during transport.  Check out the rest of our packing tips by clicking here.

The best moving tip we can offer?  Pick the right moving company.  Finding them will be easy.  Click the big orange button below to get free moving quotes from the most reliable Chicago moving companies.

Chicago Relocation Experts

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High Moving Rates in Hillside, Illinois Are a Crime

Moving Rates in Hillside, Illinois

Hillside, Illinois is a popular suburb of Chicago that is perhaps most well known for Mount Carmel Cemetary, which contains several hundred family mausoleums.  Among the most popular permanent residents of Mount Carmel are several organized crime figures, including Al Capone and Dion O’Bannion.  While the days of organized crime are in the past, you may feel like you were had by bad movers if you’ve used them recently.  So how do you avoid high moving rates in Hillside, Illinois?

“Cheap” Movers in the Chicago Suburbs

A lot of people think they can save money on their move simply by booking the cheapest moving company they can find.  Believe it or not, using such bargain basement, unreliable movers can often cost more than a reliable, well-respected moving company.  Given our experience, you’ll either end up with a bunch of hidden fees or the service will be so shoddy that you’ll end up replacing a lot of items or even doing some of the work yourself.

Finding Reliable Chicago Area Moving Companies

Your best bet for scoring affordable moving rates when relocating to the Chicago suburbs?  Focusing on reputable companies that offer a wide range of helpful services is a great start.  Of course, locating companies like that that also provide affordable moving rates is never easy.  Luckily, here at, we’ve already done all the homework for you.  Clicking the big orange button below will set you up with free moving quotes from the best movers in the 60162, the 60163, and beyond.

The Lowest Rates on Moving Services in Chicago

More moving tips are waiting for you:

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How Can I Find the Best Moving Companies in Hickory Hills, IL?

Best Moving Companies in Hickory Hills, IL

People often ask us about finding the “best” moving companies in Hickory Hills, IL.  The hope is that there’s some magical approach that no one else has found and it will save you so much time and money you’ll have a stress-free move.  The truth is, it’s even easier than that.  Here at, we’ve already found all the best movers in the Chicago area, letting you choose from companies you know are reliable and affordable.  Click the big orange button to get started with free moving quotes or keep reading for more information…

Top Moving Companies in Illinois

The Top Movers in the Chicago Suburbs

So what types of movers will you be hearing from if you fill out our quick form?  These Hickory Hills movers are known to be the most reliable in the area, given their rating with the Better Business Bureau and their reputation with recent customers.  They’re also members of all the important moving associations, meaning they’re in this industry for the long haul.  You’ll also find they employ professional moving staff and use only clean, insured moving vehicles.

Helpful Moving Services in the Chicago Area

Of course, the best reputation among Hickory Hills movers only takes you so far.  The company also has to offer the moving services you’re looking for.  Another great thing about the movers you’ll find here are that they offer a wide range of helpful moving services to help you complete your move to the 60457 as stress-free as possible.

What are you waiting for?  Click the orange bar above to get started with reliable moving companies and affordable pricing.

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How Quickly Can I Get Competitive Chicago Moving Quotes?

Chicago Moving Quotes

During moving planning, a lot of people fall into the trap of not properly researching their options for moving companies.  For most, the time investment is a convenient excuse.  So, let’s take some time to explore your two best options for finding competitive Chicago moving quotes, with particular attention paid to the time necessary.

Calling Moving Companies for Price Quotes

The old school approach is to flip through the phonebook or online listings and call every mover in the local area for a moving quote.  This is obviously fairly time consuming, especially once you start spending time researching the reputation and background of the companies in the running.

Choosing from the Best Movers in the Chicago Area

Wouldn’t it be better if you could just cut to the chase and get Chicago moving quotes from only the best relocation experts in the Windy City?  That way, you save time on researching their reputation.  It would be even better if you could get all these quotes with just on phone call or online submission.

Finding the Best Moving Rates in Illinois

Luckily, here at, we make it crazy easy to find the best movers for you at an affordable price.  They all happily provide free moving price quotes, meaning you’ll have the most reputable moving companies in Chicago competing for your business.

Looking for even more moving tips?  Check out these pages:

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Finding the Latest Discounts on Chicago Moving Rates

Discounts on Chicago Moving Rates

By now, you know is the place for great moving tips and information related to the neighborhoods and suburbs of Chicago.  But if you’re looking for the latest discounts on Chicago moving rates, where do you go?  Luckily, you’re already right where you need to be…

Chicago Movers on Facebook

We operate a Facebook page, specifically to allow our fans to quickly get the latest info and discounts on Chicago moving rates.  Click here to visit our Facebook page and hit the Like button to stay as up-to-date as possible.

The Chicago Movers Twitter Feed

Facebook not quick enough for you?  That’s why we operate a Twitter feed to give you the latest info on Chicago area moving rate discounts as fast as possible.  Follow our Twitter feed to have our great info to get patched right into your smartphone or tablet (click here).

Bottom line, you know this is the place for great information and tips on moving to the Chicago area.  If you’re ready to start browsing the best movers in the area, then click the big orange button below.

Discounts on Chicago Area Moveres

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Do You Have to Work Hard to Relocate to Hegewisch, IL?

Relocate to Hegewisch, IL

Hegewisch is a popular suburb of Chicago that was originally established as the “ideal workingman’s community.”  Many of those blue collar ideals still remain today, but that doesn’t mean you should have to work so hard to relocate to the 60633.

The Right Chicago Area Movers

First off, let’s talk about “the right movers.”  This term means very different things to different people.  What you’ll want to focus on when you relocate to Hegewisch, IL is which company and moving services make you most comfortable.  You can’t listen strictly to the recommendation of your friends, family, or (not sure if that site exists).  What you need to do is search through high quality, affordable Chicago movers and choose your favorite.

Finding Reliable Suburban Chicago Movers

Ok, but so many people get stuck with bad moving companies, so how do you avoid these duds and only look at the reliable ones?  That’s the easy part…

Relocation Specialists in the Chicago Area

One quick click of the orange button above will put you on your way to free moving quotes from the very best movers in the Chicago area.  What are you waiting for?  Get to work.

Need more moving info?  Check out these pages:

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Put Bad Movers in Hazel Crest, IL Out to Pasture

Movers in Hazel Crest, IL

Hazel Crest is a small suburb located about 25 south of Chicago.  Like many of the smaller cities in the area, Hazel Crest was originally founded as a farming community.  You might not care about all that, but if you’ve moved recently, there’s a good chance you used a bad moving company.  If that’s the case, there’s also a good chance, you’d love to see bad movers in Hazel Crest, IL put out to pasture so you don’t end up with another one…

So what can you do to avoid bad moving companies during a move to Hazel Crest, Illinois?  The first step is attaining all the moving knowledge you can handle, such as:

The next big step in finding the right Chicago area movers is easy.  Just click the big orange button below and you’ll get to browse free moving quotes from the best moving companies in the 60429.  Turn the tables on those movers and have them competing for your business.

Suburban Chicago Moving Companies

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Tips for Saving Money on a Chicago Move

Saving Money on a Chicago Move

Let’s face it, moves are always expensive.  When most people start planning a move, one of their first steps is to start looking into way to save money.  As long as you’re not cutting corners, this is a fine strategy.  So, let’s talk about saving money on a Chicago move today…

  1. Tax-deductible moving expenses – Believe it or not, a lot of your moving expenses may be tax-deductible.  That means you should be saving receipts for every possible moving expense, just in case.  Afterwards, check out the IRS website for a comprehensive list of deductible-eligible moving expenses.
  2. Saving money on utilities during a move – Don’t forget to setup discontinuation dates for all your utilities and other services (phone, internet, etc.).  You don’t want to end up getting charged for these things when you don’t even live in the house anymore.
  3. Use the right Chicago area movers – The easiest route for saving money on a Chicago move is trimming the cost of your movers.  No, we’re not talking about going with that bargain basement moving quote you got last week (unless you enjoy shoddy service and hidden fees).

Rather than rolling the dice with your movers, why not just click the giant orange button below and get free moving quotes from the best movers in the 60611, the 60606, and beyond?  In just a few minutes, you’ll have the most reliable Chicago moving companies competing for your business…and you’ll be saving big money in the process.

Reliable Suburban Chicago Moving Companies

More moving tips can be found at:

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Which Movers in Harwood Heights, IL Are Right for You?

Movers in Harwood Heights, IL

Harwood Heights is unique among Chicago suburbs in that it is located immediately adjacent to the city limits of Chicago.  Those who desire close proximity to downtown have made Harwood Heights a consistently popular Chicago suburb.  If you’re thinking about joining them, there are a few things you’ll want to know about picking a moving company.

Which Harwood Heights Movers are Not Right for You?

There’s probably no one out there who would enjoy using an unreliable or reckless moving company.  Despite this fact, a lot of people get suckered by these types of companies because they don’t do their research.  Going strictly by the lowest price is almost a guarantee for getting trapped by one of these bargain basement scam jobs.

What to Look for in Reliable Harwood Heights Movers

Things like professional moving staff, clean moving trucks, and great reputations with recent customers are probably traits you’d love to see in your moving company, right?  You’ll also want movers that pay attention to your specific moving needs and tailor their services to match.  Affordable movers in Harwood Heights are also great, when you can get them.

How do you get all this great stuff in one package?  Easy…

Finding the Best Chicago Area Movers

Just click the big orange button, fill out a fast form, and you’ll get free quotes on moving services from the best movers in the 60656, the 60706, and beyond.

More moving tips are waiting for you right here:

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Planning a Move to Harvey, IL Has Never Been Easier

Planning a Move to Harvey, IL

Harvey is one of those small suburbs of Chicago that has been drawing a lot of people recently.  The 60426 and the 60428 have a lot to offer residents, not only close proximity to downtown Chicago.  Having said all that, if you’ve used a bad moving company recently, you still might not want to relocate to Harvey, IL or any other Chicago suburb.  Let’s eliminate that problem right now…

Low Price Moves to the Chicago Suburbs

Here at, we specialize in sorting through all the available moving companies (and there are tons in a big city like Chicago), providing you with a comprehensive collection of the best movers in northern Illinois. Some of the things you can expect are insured moving trucks, professional staff, and fantastic reputations with recent customers and moving associations.

Not only that, but with one click of the big orange button above, you’ll get free moving quotes from these awesome movers.  That’s why we say that planning a move to Harvey, IL is easier.  These companies will guide you through the whole process, with no hidden fees or shoddy service to deal with.

Interested in more moving tips?  Check out these pages:

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