International Moves

Psychologists agree that relocation is one of the great stresses of our lives, right up there with a divorce or a death in the family. Fear of the unknown has a profound effect on us, and on top of that, you have to contend with all of the logistics and minutia. At times, it can be enough to topple even the most industrious and experienced movers. And that’s just for local moves and traditional long distance moves.For those embarking on international moves, there are whole other levels of complexity and stress for which preparation is not so simple. When it comes to international moves, the term logistical nightmare is often an understatement. And no matter how much you’ve read and think you’ve prepared, you’re likely to succumb to at least one or two of the pitfalls awaiting you.

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The key to successful international moves is to have a company that specializes in international moves at your side. Many businesses claim to have such experience, but at Chicago Movers, we’re comprised of real industry experts who not only understand the processes of international moves, but also understand the nuances of making that move to or from Chicago and its surrounding areas.

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The first aspect of the Chicago Movers website that we’d like to point you to are our many resources. These are comprehensive guides with tried and true strategies for overcoming all obstacles of the big move: preparation, packing, moving, storage, arrival, and more. Since most resources cater to just moves within the U.S., we’ve placed special attention on international moves.

The core service we provide here at Chicago Movers is our network of businesses specializing in international moves. Here’s how it operates: We hand-select Chicago-area businesses for the program by performing a thorough evaluation of their performance. If they meet our standards, we invite them into the network. However, we continue to reevaluate them every 30 days so that we can ensure that our partners maintain the highest level of service.

So what are these standards? Well, we not only want companies with actual specialization in international moves. Chicago Movers seeks companies that have established themselves in the Chicago area. It’s important that they have a stake in the community and that they’ve developed reputations here. We also require them to offer clients using the network rates that are below the area average. Most of our partners offer discounts that are far below their normal rates.

The most important aspect to understand about Chicago Movers is that we’re not actually trying to sell you anything. Our services are 100% free to you, and there is absolutely no commitment needed. In fact, feel free to use the system as a test. Our goal is to pair you with the right service at the right price, and then if we succeed in doing that, we earn our money through our partners.

Earlier we mentioned that we’re a business comprised of people who specialize in international moves. We’d like to take a moment to expand on that. Our employees have years of experience in the moving business both in North America and internationally. These people have worked for the largest companies in the business, and have firsthand experience with what works and what doesn’t. We understand the pitfalls of international moves, and we know how to help you navigate around them.

So let’s get started. As we mentioned, using our services is 100% free and without commitment. It’s also wonderfully simplistic. All you have to do is fill out a single form. That form includes all of the information that the moving, packing, storage, and other companies will need to provide you with a precise quote. So fill it out, hit the submit button, and then sit back, and wait a moment. That’s all it will take, and then our system will respond with a list of appropriate companies along with their bids.

You should know several things about the report we send you. We guarantee that each company on it specializes in international moves, that we have performed a comprehensive assessment of that company, and that we have updated that evaluation within the last 30 days. Through our authentication system, you know that it’s a dependable company with all insurance and licensing as required by law.

Also, each of our partners stands by the submitted bid for the next 30 days, so there’s no need to feel pressure. Take your time going over it, and we even suggest that you shop our partners’ bids around to some non-network services specializing in international moves. You’ll see that we mean it when we say that our partners offer the best rates available anywhere.

While inspecting the list, you may want to look at the rest of the Chicago Movers website. As mentioned earlier, we have a number of resources here that can be quite helpful to those making international moves. When you’re ready and confident that we’ve provided the most reliable and least expensive quotes available, return to us, and we’ll get started. We look forward to the assisting you.

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